The Dream Hiker Series

Have you ever wondered if you are in a dream? If yes, then this series may be for you. If no, then shouldn't you?

Book 1: The Dream Hiker

This is the story of Jack Treole, a seventeen-year-old high school student, who discovers that his dreams may not be as unreal as he has always believed them to be.

Book 2: The Mind Trap

When Selenia goes missing, Jack and the others scramble in search of her. And along the way, Jack is forced to reassess everything he thought he knew, and must make a difficult choice.

Book 3: The Thought War

When the war in the dream world drives Jack's friends into committing unthinkable atrocities, he is left with no choice but to side with what is right and join the fight. The only problem is… what is right has never been more unclear.

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