Here’s Chapter 2


Later that day, Jack went again into the collaboration site, or Collab as they called it, to read some of the logs posted by others. He noticed he had received a couple of comments on his log.

“That ageless tour guide is 42 years old. He said the fresh mountain air keeps him looking the way he did 20 years ago! I think I was in your dream. Is that possible? – Eddie Chen”

The other comment read…“I think I was in your dream too, or is it that you were in my dream, or that we somehow had a similar dream. Of course, I had no trouble locating the peak even with my headphones on, but the rest of what you described is exactly what I saw in my dream. This is so bizarre!!! – Selenia Broom”

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of those messages.

People get extra credit for writing on others’ logs, he thought. Could that be the reason for the comments? Maybe, but they sound strange, just as strange as my own log.

He had a Math class to rush to, so he got off the site and hurried down the hallway to Mr. Harley’s classroom. He was usually one of the most attentive students in class, but not that day. His mind was drifting, thinking about the comments he had received.

Is it possible those two were actually in my dream? I did read somewhere that our dreams are sometimes linked to things we have seen or experienced in real life. Did we have a common experience that made us have a similar dream?

But I don’t know these two people who wrote the comments. I don’t even know where they’re from. What kind of common experience could we have had? The mountains…I had seen them on a show last night, the show on TV about the Himalayan Mountain Range. That’s where I heard about the Kanchenjunga and maybe that’s how I dreamed about it. Maybe they saw that program too. This is all too weird, but still it’s…

“Jack,” he heard Mr. Harley say. “Is everything all right? You look very distracted today.”

“Sorry, everything’s fine, Mr. Harley.”

Jack forced himself to get back into the class and comprehend the words that were coming out of Mr. Harley’s mouth, but after a minute, he was drifting again. He knew it was happening and tried to pull his mind back, but it was totally out of control.

I need to find out if they watched that show as well. Maybe I can find them online after school.

Jack could tell by Mr. Harley’s extra-kind smile at one point that Mr. Harley had probably noticed him lost in thought again, but for some reason had decided to cut him a little slack and not pursue the topic for the remainder of the class.

As the bell rang, Jack knew he had two more lengthy classes to get through before he would have a chance to get on the Collab again. It was turning out to be a long afternoon for him!

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