Time for Chapter 3


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“Hey, Jack. I’m going to Ben’s to hang out. You want to come?”

“Not today, I have some work in the library. But I’ll call you later in the evening. Remember the game tickets we want to buy? We need to decide which game soon. I heard those tickets are selling out fast.”

“Okay. Talk to you later, then.”


Once on the Collab, Jack checked to see if either of those two who had commented on his log was online. But neither was. He decided to just post an open message on the chat forum and wait to hear from them.

He wrote: “Eddie/Selenia, did either of you watch the show on TV last night about the Himalayan Mountain Range?”

He didn’t know if they would be checking the Collab again that day. He had no choice but to wait and see.

Maybe they’re in the central time zone, he thought, remembering that some of the schools participating in the collaboration were an hour behind Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he was. In that case, they probably have another hour before their school is done. Another hour!

He settled down in a comfortable spot and took out his homework, hoping to keep himself busy and avoid watching the clock traverse every minute. The trick worked, and after a surprisingly short hour, he saw a message from Eddie.

“Hi, Jack. Yes, I did see that TV show last night. But why do you ask?”

“I had seen it too. Do you remember seeing the part about Kanchenjunga?” Jack typed.

Eddie: “Yup, the one where a bunch of people were going in a bus to get a view of the…Wait a second. The bus? Do you think we just dreamed what we saw in that show?”

Jack: “Maybe, I don’t know. I’m just thinking of possible explanations for how we all could have had the same dream.”

Selenia: “Hi, this is Selenia. I just read your conversation.”

Eddie: “And?”

Selenia: “And yes, I did see the show as well.”

Eddie: “I guess that explains it then. We all saw the same show and dreamed of the same stuff. It’s crazy, dude!”

Selenia: “I think it’s crazier than that.”

Eddie: “What do you mean?”

Selenia: “Eddie, did you have the same people on the bus that Jack described in his log?”

Eddie: “Yup, but there was also this cute blonde that Jack didn’t say a word about. She had the most adorable British accent and she said my sense of humor was charming.”

Selenia: “If it makes you feel any better, I did notice that blonde of yours and she was absolutely annoying. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Were you the person talking to the tour guide most of the time?”

Eddie: “Yup. Hey, how did you guess that?”

Selenia: “Let me see…talkative Asian guy who was trying to pick up a conversation with everyone on the bus and especially that blonde. Hmm, who could that be?”

Eddie: “Yup, you’re right, it’s hard not to notice me. And I’m guessing you were the girl listening to your music instead of enjoying the sounds of that awesome place.”

Selenia: “For your information, that was Vivaldi and it went perfectly with the surroundings. And could you stop saying YUP in every sentence, it’s kind of irksome. In which part of the country do people talk like that?”

Eddie: “Hey, nobody in Iowa thinks there’s anything wrong with the way I talk. You’re the one being irksome and we don’t even say words like that here. In which weird place do people talk like that?”

Selenia: “For your information, it’s no weird place. It’s Chicago and it’s cool.”

Eddie: “YUP and irksome!”

Jack: “Guys, time out. I think you’re going a little off topic here. Selenia, what were you getting at with your questions earlier?”

Selenia: “I think we were not just dreaming of the same thing but we were in the same dream.”

Jack: “What do you mean?”

Selenia: “If we were not in the same dream then how could all the details in our dreams match so perfectly?”

Jack: “I had the same thought, but didn’t want to go down that path because it doesn’t make sense, or at least it shouldn’t.”

Selenia: “But nothing else explains what we’ve experienced. I can’t believe I’m even saying this. I’m like the science geek in my school who wants to unravel the mysteries of particle physics, and here I am, talking about unraveling dreams.”

Eddie: “This is amazing! Not about you and your particle physics, but about us being in the same dream.”

Jack: “If it is true, then it’s really something.”

Eddie: “Just something? It’s super cool, man!!!”

Jack: “I have to go now. But just one other wild thought before I leave…Do you think we can do it again?”

Selenia: “What? You mean like try to get in the same dream again?”

Jack: “Yes.”

Selenia: “But how?”

Jack: “I don’t know, but we could try doing what we did yesterday. Think of that same thing before going to bed tonight and let’s see if it happens again.”

Selenia: “Should we decide on a time?”

Jack: “I’m in Michigan, so I’m an hour ahead of you both. Yesterday I fell asleep around midnight. I can do the same tonight. That way it can still be a decent time for you.”

Selenia: “And I slept around 11 p.m. our time yesterday. That makes it the same time you slept. Okay, I’ll do the same tonight, but I’ll really have to rush to get all my work done before then.”

Eddie: “11 p.m. is kinda late. Last night our neighbor’s dog started wailing and woke me up. I probably might’ve fallen asleep again at 11 or so. Do I have to stay up that late tonight? I’ve a test tomorrow.”

Selenia: “You don’t have to, Eddie. It’s actually very bad for your hair to sleep less than 10 hours. So don’t worry, we’ll somehow manage without you.”

Eddie: “Hey, are you making fun of my hair? You aren’t going anywhere without me. Yup, I’m coming. This is way too exciting for me to miss.”

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